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Are You Hangry Yet?

Posted: 26th September 2013 by doomthings in Random, The Foodening
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I’m always hangry.  That’s why I wear my hangry shirt (pictures coming soon).  But I need to show people the full extent of my hangry.  Hangry equals food equals monies needed to purchase food. Enter, the hangry wallet.


I’ve finally fallen into the “hand-lettering” craze and tried out some paper/computer hybrid experiments.  First, I sketched out the “thank you” in my sketch book and took a picture.

Sketched it out.

Sketched it out.

Then, with the magic of powerpoint and paint (yeah, I don’t have photoshop, so I’m super low-tech… comparatively speaking), I was able to get a nice image, but it wasn’t quite right yet.  Then I loaded it back up in powerpoint and got these varieties.

Want some? They can be purchased from the doomthings store on Zazzle: