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Hangry Coasters

Posted: 12th March 2015 by doomthings in Zazzle
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Because when you’re hangry, you need a drink to go along with the food your stomach is patiently waiting for.

Also, they’re on SALE!  Use coupon code 5WEDDINGDEAL to get 15% off until midnight tonight (March 12, 2015)!

Because, SCIENCE!

Posted: 9th March 2014 by doomthings in Zazzle
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Not one for the hand lettering? Some people aren’t, hence the more sciencey science apron! [Soon to be on other things] Because, SCIENCE!

Are You Hangry Yet?

Posted: 26th September 2013 by doomthings in Random, The Foodening
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I’m always hangry.  That’s why I wear my hangry shirt (pictures coming soon).  But I need to show people the full extent of my hangry.  Hangry equals food equals monies needed to purchase food. Enter, the hangry wallet.


T-Shirts on Sale

Posted: 8th May 2013 by doomthings in Random, Shirts
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Zazzle is having a sale on T-Shirts through May 10! Use coupon code SUMMERSALE13 to get 15% off your shirts. Might I suggest the Hangry Shirt? Yes, yes I might.

Your little buddy wants you to tell them happy birthday.  Tell them Happy Birthday!!!

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