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Metal works for everything.  EVERYTHING.  The evidence is in this Championship Event, Level 2, 3rd place pole dance routine from the Atlantic Pole Championship competition this past April.  Thanks to Vale of Pnath for making seriously brutal music and Digital Doom for editing it to be longer according to competition music length rules.


Brutal Pole Dancing | doomthings

More from Arora Leigh.

So, we now have a second “And Now For Something Completely Different” type post; the first one was about Metallica cover band, Metallifun.  So, I guess we’ll make it a thing.  You can find these weirdnesses filed under Random.

Synchronized pole dancing.  Who knew?!  Also, this routine is kinda creepy.  You’ll understand when you watch it…

Synchronized Pole Dancing | doomthings

Brutal Anniversary Cards

Posted: 7th November 2013 by doomthings in Greeting Cards
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Let’s face it.  Anniversary cards are usually super sugary, squishy, and sometimes gut-wrenchingly sweet.  I don’t do sweet.  Inspired by Aziz Ansari’s latest standup, here is an anniversary card that’s a little more… brutal.


I didn’t have anything good to post today that was related to food, craftiness, or nature.  But, I felt like I should attempt to post something.  So, here’s a link to a Metallica cover band, “Metallifun“, covering the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Hammerfall.  Brutal!

Metallifun plays Metallica (and other metal songs)

Metallifun plays Metallica (and other metal songs)