Hi!  Welcome to Doomthings.  I’m not exaaactly sure where that name came from, but I’m pretty sure there was a cartoon involved.  I’m sort of obsessed with technology.  More specifically, customizing things.  So when I realized that blogs were another delicious customization avenue, I went a little overboard.  Most of my blogs were random things about travels and stuff I’d just share with my friends and family.  I finally figured out that maybe just one, or two, or three blogs was just fine.  This is one of them.  There are more:

Metal Mind Accessories Handmade wire and metal jewelry.
Metal Mind  Experiments in making kit guitars.
Hanyok Photography  Not a blog, just a photo site.

One of the thing I love about well done blogs is that they are new and original.  Those are actually fairly hard to come by (as you probably know Mr. or Mrs./Miss blog-reader) and there is a lot of regurgitated information out there on blogs trying to imitate those wonderful and delicious internet bites.  My goal is that this blog will be neither of those.  I will definitely regurgitate information, but only after I’ve tried making or doing the project first, complete with success and fail pictures.  I will likely not be new and original, unless one of my experiments turns out completely different from the (likely excellent) dish or project I’m trying to re-create.  I don’t have sponsors.  I do this for fun.  Also, I despise advertisements.

Welcome to the fake-anti-blog.  I hope you enjoy your stay!

This is me.
This is me.