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Not Crappy Xmas Cards

Posted: 15th December 2013 by doomthings in Greeting Cards, Zazzle
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Don’t want boring normal holiday cards this year?  Send one of these.  Your friends and family will love it or not get it at all.  Excellent…

Cretaceousmas Miracle Post Cards

Fresh off the presses (or the canvas), check out Moose Egg Art’s paintings-turned-holiday cards on Zazzle!  Haven’t purchased that stack of holiday cards to send out yet?  Maybe you’ll find ’em here!

Notecards For All

Posted: 2nd December 2013 by doomthings in Greeting Cards
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Some people still like to send real mail.  Why not spice up your notecards to friends and loved ones with some fun (and some ridiculous) pictures on them?  Good for all kinds of notes (and customizable on many size cards), send your message with these.  Or, better yet, for one of those people who likes to send notes on paper instead of through email, why not send them a box of cards?  Choose the amount, anything goes.  Thank you Zazzle for being awesome like that.  (Also I stuck a save the date card down there… ya know, in case you’re getting married – completely customizable).

A Bridal Shower

Posted: 28th November 2013 by doomthings in Greeting Cards
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Bridal shower cards don’t get more visually punny than this.  Everyone loves a visual pun.

It’s a little early for a Christmas post, but it’s that time where holiday cards are on the brain.  Want something more exciting than what can be found in the grocery store?  Yes, yes you do.  Time to get in those orders!  What will your Christmas card look like?