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Brutal Anniversary Cards

Posted: 7th November 2013 by doomthings in Greeting Cards
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Let’s face it.  Anniversary cards are usually super sugary, squishy, and sometimes gut-wrenchingly sweet.  I don’t do sweet.  Inspired by Aziz Ansari’s latest standup, here is an anniversary card that’s a little more… brutal.



Posted: 26th August 2013 by doomthings in Comics, Costumeage, Greeting Cards, Posters, Random
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Doomthings is now on deviantART.  Took me long enough.


A few of my posts have really bad paint drawings in them.  I have to admit, they were definitely inspired by a combination of xkcd and Hyperbole and a Half, although mine are MUCH crappier.  Inspired by chattings with the inspiration behind LostSentiments, this visual was born after she said how much she loves her hubby’s intellect, ending the conversation with the (always appropriate) “nom nom”.  Here you go!






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Customize It!

Posted: 29th April 2013 by doomthings in Greeting Cards
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See something you like, but it’s not quite the right color?  Need a name in there?  We’ve got that.  What something that’s not here?  We can do that!  Send doomthings a message and we’ll customize your card/shirt/whatever for you!    The latest request was for colored Thank You cards.  Check it out!

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Your little buddy wants you to tell them happy birthday.  Tell them Happy Birthday!!!

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