Category: Greeting Cards

  • Brutal Anniversary Cards

    Let’s face it.  Anniversary cards are usually super sugary, squishy, and sometimes gut-wrenchingly sweet.  I don’t do sweet.  Inspired by Aziz Ansari’s latest standup, here is an anniversary card that’s a little more… brutal.   Brutal Anniversary Card by doomthings

  • deviantART

    Doomthings is now on deviantART.  Took me long enough.

  • Crappy Card Series: I Loves Your Intellect

    A few of my posts have really bad paint drawings in them.  I have to admit, they were definitely inspired by a combination of xkcd and Hyperbole and a Half, although mine are MUCH crappier.  Inspired by chattings with the inspiration behind LostSentiments, this visual was born after she said how much she loves her…

  • Customize It!

    See something you like, but it’s not quite the right color?  Need a name in there?  We’ve got that.  What something that’s not here?  We can do that!  Send doomthings a message and we’ll customize your card/shirt/whatever for you!    The latest request was for colored Thank You cards.  Check it out! | more stuff in…

  • Happy Birthday Buddy!

    Your little buddy wants you to tell them happy birthday.  Tell them Happy Birthday!!! | more at the doomshop |