Arora Leigh goes back to her brutal roots with a creepy routine and music from the Battlestar Galactica mini-series, landing her in 3rd place at the highest level of amateur competition of the Pole Sport Organization.  Look for her next year in the Professional event, April 1st, 2017!!!

In contrast to last year’s “Possessed” routine, Arora Leigh’s leveled up and prettified her Championship Event, Level 3, Senior Division routine to win 2nd place at the 2015 Atlantic Pole Championship competition this past April.


APC 2015 Leap

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As one can tell from the Doomshop, I really like Zazzle.  I always get my holiday cards there, I’ve gotten t-shirts, playing cards, mouse pads, and even an apron from them.  The quality is always amazing and if you don’t like it, their return policy is the best.

I like phone cases.  I purchased a pack of 10 silicone cases (in different colors) for my HTC One Mini because they’re pretty awesome.  And yes, I change the color.  I change the color to match the season.  It’s good stuff.  When Zazzle came out with cell phone cases, I knew I would never get to buy one because there are SO MANY ANDROID DEVICES out there, that it’s nearly impossible for them to cover them all.  They do, however, keep up with the iPhone.  Which makes me insanely jealous of iPhone users.  A custom designed phone case is always neat because they usually tell you something about the person who owns it.  Lego?  Awesome.  Unicorn?  Awesome and maybe girly.  Zombie Unicorn?  More awesome.  I guess I’m saying it’s just awesome and makes you more awesome by association.

While I may not be able to buy myself a custom case to make myself more awesome, I can make some so others can feel awesome!  I only have one design (for now…) and I know its not the best representation of everyone’s awesome.  Zazzle has more of that.  Check out THESE cases and THESE cases.  You can find pretty much anything you can think of to make your iPhone 6 more awesome (or iPhone 5, or iPhone 4).

Now to find more paintings to make more things.  I WILL MAKE ALL THE THINGS.  And now back to our regularly scheduled food posts…


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The Doomthings mobile site is live!!  Now you can keep up with doomthings on your phone without all that scrolling side to side to just attempt to read the stuff.  I know how annoying that is.  I usually just stop reading when I can’t, well, actually read the thing.  I don’t want to lose you as one of my 5 followers, so, while I’m pretty sure I should have gotten to this about a billion years ago… BEHOLD:

I mean, there’s nothing to click, this is just a screenshot for you viewing pleasure.  The mobile site doesn’t work if you don’t read this ON a mobile device, which would be pretty meta if you are actually reading this on a mobile site right now.  DOOM-CEPTION.


Behold, images of The Doll and Possessed performances from a few posts ago.  Click the images to see all the pictures from each performance:

Dolls and Possession are a Good Mix | doomthings

Dolls and Possession are a Good Mix | doomthings