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  • Epic Wedding Music

    Some years ago, my best friend got married and came to me with an interesting proposal.  “Write my wedding music.”  Write it?  “Well, you pick it out.  I don’t know what to use.”  Are you sure? “I like things!”  From my post on watching Twilight, you know that we like watching movies.  A lot.  This…

  • The Doll

    Remember that post about a creepy doll story told through pole dancing?  This is a more advanced routine with actual professional video.  This is stuff you don’t see everyday… unless you read the Doomthings blog.  Then, well, you might see this stuff from time to time. Click the picture to go to the video!

  • Brutal Pole Dancing

    Metal works for everything.  EVERYTHING.  The evidence is in this Championship Event, Level 2, 3rd place pole dance routine from the Atlantic Pole Championship competition this past April.  Thanks to Vale of Pnath for making seriously brutal music and Digital Doom for editing it to be longer according to competition music length rules. CLICK: More from Arora Leigh.

  • Commission This!

    My first commissioned paintings.  Safely stashed away on a bedroom wall.

  • Chocolate Chip Mocha Cookies

    These are my go-to holiday (or travel, or event, or anytime) cookies.  They had the nickname “Pandora cookies” during an 8-hour road trip with friends because of, well, their seriously addicting nature.  That and something about opening Pandora’s box.  I liked the name, but it didn’t stick.  They are regular old chocolate-chocolate-chip cookies with a…