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Some years ago, my best friend got married and came to me with an interesting proposal.  “Write my wedding music.”  Write it?  “Well, you pick it out.  I don’t know what to use.”  Are you sure? “I like things!”  From my post on watching Twilight, you know that we like watching movies.  A lot.  This gave me an idea.  This gave me a wonderful awful idea.

My wonderful awful idea?  Movies.  To be fair, this is probably not the most original idea ever.  There has got to be another person out there who thought movie music was the way to go for their wedding, but so far I’ve seen no evidence (from personal experience) of this.  Honestly, I didn’t search the internet to see if anyone else had done it, because I knew which movies to go for.

I pretty much went on an insane brainstorming epic to find the best wedding music ever.  I found tons of sheet music, arranged them as necessary, played them on my piano to see how they might sound on an organ (they do translate, I swear), and basically drove my husband crazy.  Finally, after narrowing down a bunch of selections (based on their favorite video games and movies with kick-ass music) I sat down my friend and her now-husband (also my friend) and gave them a private concert.

To make it more fun, I made them listen without telling them what was what.  Some of the selections were such that it was hard to tell right away what they were from.  Mostly these types were the selections that made it into their final list.

Still seriously excited for choosing epic musics, we decided that the guests should not be pre-informed of what music was to be played.  This would make it a game.  Originally we tried to think of ways to tell people it was a game, but we figured there would be enough nerd-friends in attendance, that they would play without being told.  To make this happen, I came up with fake names based on the type (i.e. Waltz) and speed (i.e. andante) of each song.  As a hint, we included the name of the composer (first initial, full last name).

Now, this kind of epicness requires documentation.  So we made sure to set up a digital recorder before the ceremony so we could listen to it later (mostly because I was in the wedding, and myself and the bride would not be able to hear some of the intro stuff), but also so I could do stuff like post it in the future; which is now.  We missed a couple of songs at the beginning, but all the really good stuff was recorded.  Below you’ll find recordings of each piece (the ones we missed might be recorded later, played on my piano, but I haven’t gotten that far yet).

[WpProQuiz 1]

Tips and Tricks for taking the quiz:

  • Make sure to pause the song before going to the next question, or else it will keep playing (I haven’t been able to fix this yet).  
  • If you get everything right EXCEPT for the bonus questions, your score will be around 83%.  This isn’t a smart quiz, so it doesn’t know how to count bonus points.
  • Simpler answers are better – because this isn’t a smart quiz, I had to manually enter all the permutations of answers I THINK people will use.
  • Don’t use punctuation!!!  Also, spelling counts.

*See a problem with the quiz, or SERIOUSLY need those hints?  Let me know!!*






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