Welcome to the doomshop.  Occasionally I’m asked to create something delicious. Other times my brain overflows with stuff that must be captured in ways that are not food.  The following represent that deliciosity that I can share directly with you!

See something you like, but it needs that extra something?  We can fix that.  Don’t see what you want, but you like the style?  We can make that!  Contact doomthings for special orders!



Hangry Coaster

Hammerhead Sharks 
Abstract Phone Case
Science Says Yes Apron (2)

Cretaceousmas Miracle Post Cards
Creepy Santa Christmas Card
Hangry Shirt
Cheese is Always a Good Idea
Thank You Card - Sketch



One response to “Doomshop”

  1. Erin Muessig Avatar
    Erin Muessig

    So these cards are fabulous! I think they’re awesome due to the unique style and the blank interior so I can write a personal message. i haven’t seen anything quite like these and can’t wait for more styles to come out!

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