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It’s a little early for a Christmas post, but it’s that time where holiday cards are on the brain.  Want something more exciting than what can be found in the grocery store?  Yes, yes you do.  Time to get in those orders!  What will your Christmas card look like?

Love cereal?  Love someone?  Tell that someone how much you heart them using the power of cereal!!  Now available in the doomshop.

More hand-lettering!  I know, I know, you’re saying “geeeez, obsessed much?”.  Why yes, yes I am.  You’ll see as I continue to post things that such obsessions will come in waves.  Right now, it is hand-lettering-turned-graphic-art using the magic computer-box.  This one I was going to use for that wedding card I  mentioned but it seemed to vague.  Fortunately, it can be used for all manner of occasions.  Need a random card for someone on “their day”?  Use this one. +15 versatility

Also in the doomshop!