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Since 2008, my husband and I have participated in the most epic marathon ever:  The Cinemarathon.  26 hours of (usually) really bad movies, chosen by the “runners”, where the idea is to stay up the whole time; its a recipe for awesome!  We even have a mascot:  the CineSquid.  This year, we decided to run for charity just like a real marathon.  This year’s charity will be in honor of a friend who was taken from us too soon and who was going to be a first-time runner this year (after having been a visitor during past events, but never a competitor).

Avi was the kind of person who made you feel like you were his best friend.  Even after meeting him for the first time, it felt like I’d known him for a lifetime.  He was an avid watcher of all movies, good and bad, and was a huge fan of our cinemarathon, although had never run before.  This year would be his debut as a runner and dedicating Cinemarathon VI to him seemed like the perfect thing to do.  He also loved climbing and was an instructor at the climbing gym, Earth Treks.  His friends and co-workers at the gym established the Climbing for Avi fund which will go toward a scholarship for kids who want to learn to climb.  This is the perfect charity to honor his awesome memory.

Sponsor the runners of “Cinemarathon VI:  I mean, I feel like, listen…” here: Climbing for Avi.  If you would like to donate, please include “Cinemarathon VI” and “doomthings” somewhere in the comment section of your donation.  (all donations will go tward the Climbing for Avi Memorial Fund Scholarship and are tax deductible).   Thanks!!!

Can I host my very own cinemarathon?

You can!  The website we came up with (and my brother-in-law put together beautifully) can be used by anyone!

Go to and register for an account, then create your event.  Once your event is created, it will be in the first phase.  Send the link provided in your event page to your friends.  Once they register for their own account and sign up for your event, you’ll see their names at the bottom of your event page.  On your event page you’ll have an option to change phases.  During phase 2, all runners will nominate up to a number of your choosing (a setting you can change).  During phase 3 (the best phase), all runners will vote for their favorites by comparing randomly chosen nominations against each other.  The more you vote, the more “accurate” your movie ranking will be.  So vote a lot!!  Phase 4:  Results!  You’ll have a list of movies to watch for your event!!

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