A Better Pain Chart (Hyperbole and a Half)

Everyone loves Allie Brosh’s awesome comic blog, Hyperbole and a Half, and I re-discovered this gem whilst stalking it (as I do on a regular basis).  As one of my friends put it, “I don’t care how old it is, it’s still awesome”.  And it is.

Also, mother’s day is coming up.  What better way to say Happy Mother’s Day than by giving her a poster you can both use on a daily basis.  It’s better than “on a scale of one to ten” and will likely make you laugh while you’re in intense pain.  The pain goes away when you laugh, right?

Buy this for your mom.  Better yet, buy this for a mom-friend with children who can’t yet express the one through ten scale.  This will help all the things.

A Better Pain Chart Posters 
A Better Pain Chart Posters by ickybana5


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