Onward to the new things!
Onward to the new things!

So, after months of being lazy, I’m finally taking my bro-in-law’s advice to self-host my blog.  Considering I already own, this decision was a no-brainer I was just too lazy to  pursue before.  As a person who could pretty much build his own fully-awesome website from scratch in about a minute, I should have listened.  While exporting my old posts is actually pretty easy, there is no good way to move all the pictures over, so that will take some time.  This means some of the posts and pages will be missing pictures and some of the menu will be weird.  I’m working on it!  In the meantime, I’ll be posting all new material at so I don’t have to move those pictures over too, because they’ll already be where they should be!  Woot!

So, in conclusion, update your feeds and hop on over to the new, fully self-hosted

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