Squid Buddy

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Last fall, my niece was born.  For Christmas, I wanted to give her something ridiculous.  Not that she’d remember, but maybe it will be part of her daily routine as she gets old enough to actually play with toys.  My husband and I were watching Coraline and he suggested I try and make a knitted version of the little squid toy that sits on her shelf in the movie.  After a couple attempts, and a silly-looking prototype, the Squid Buddy was born!  (It’s definitely bigger than my niece; awesome).

Are you a parent? Are you not a parent? It doesn’t matter. Caring for infants can be scarey. My sister and bro-in-law came up with this sweet chart to help me when I baby sat for my tiny niece. Check out Babies Need Flowcharts. It will make your day better.






2 responses to “Squid Buddy”

  1. Dawn Avatar

    Awe! :) what a cutie! Nice execution there auntie! He’s perfect with his one eyed button bit! :)

    1. Gir Avatar

      Thanks! I forgot to mention that it’s washable and (so far as I can tell) mangle-proof. I’ll find out how much when my niece starts pulling things apart!!

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