Halloween is coming…

FINALLY, a costume post!  I have so many costumes tucked away and not really any desire to drag them out.  That’s really my fault; I should be working for my readers, but life and work happens a lot.  [lame, i know]  I swear I’m working on bringing you more doom.

What will you be for Halloween?  This year’s was thrown together from costumes from previous years.  I did have to make a scythe and do some makeup…

Death costume | doomthings

It’s kind of hard to see, but there are actually a lot of layers going on here.

Costume Parts (somewhat inside to outside):

  • Flowy black dress
  • Black corset
  • Black leggings
  • Knee-high black boots
  • Black hooded robe
  • Black rope/cord
  • Scythe

Scythe Parts (*from Home Depot):

  • Closet dowel*
  • Brown twine (the cheapest there was)*
  • Black duct tape*
  • Aluminum tape (in the plumbing section)*
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Poster board

How to make the Scythe:

  1. Wrap the dowel with the twine in a criss-crossing pattern (be creative!) and secure tightly.
  2. Wrap the dowel with black duct tape (make sure to put a few squares of tape on the top and bottom so the dowel won’t scratch the floor).
  3. Cut out a blade shape in two pieces of poster board.
  4. Drill two holes near one end of the dowel (make sure they’re close enough together to be hidden by the poster board blade.
  5. Twist up the hanger to go through both holes such that the ends can be bend back and taped to the dowel.  Tape them well.
  6. Tape the blade to the wire hanger such that the hanger  is hidden inside the two pieces of poster board.
  7. Go crazy with the aluminum tape!
  8. For some extra goodness, I etched some designs in the aluminum.

I apologize for not taking pictures, but I was making it up as I went along and finished it just hours before the party I went to.  Lesson learned:  always take pictures of the process, you never know when you might want to use them!

I copied the makeup based on my online and in-store searches for skull makeup.  A Google search will provide you with a multitude of possibilities!





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