DoomFeature: Baby R2D2 Costume

Almost everything posted on doomthings is my own work/experiment/epic fail/etc.  Sometimes you have to promote something delicious made by someone else.  

Today’s DoomFeature is MY DAD.  As a kid, my parents made all of our costumes.  I don’t remember ever having a store-bought costume.  My mom would sew things like unicorns, clowns (yeah, that happened), cows, princesses, court jester’s, etc.  My dad would build things like presents, dice, Rubik’s cubes, and alter existing clothing items with puff paints (he has serious puff paint skills, srsly).

My almost one-year-old niece had her first Halloween this year, and after my sister and bro-in-law decided she would be introduced to the world of Star Wars by being R2D2, my dad’s imagination went crazy.  Thanks go to my Dad for letting me post his production photos for your enjoyment and planning for next year.  

All photos are belong to my parents.

Vin2D2 Final

Vin2D2 1

Vin2D2 2

Vin2D2 4

Vin2D2 5

Vin2D2 Front

Vin2D2 Back

I guess the hat didn’t stay on.



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  1. Dawn Avatar

    Wow! Adorables! :) very creative!

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