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  • Not Crappy Xmas Cards

    Don’t want boring normal holiday cards this year?  Send one of these.  Your friends and family will love it or not get it at all.  Excellent…

  • DoomFeature: Moose Egg Art

    Fresh off the presses (or the canvas), check out Moose Egg Art’s paintings-turned-holiday cards on Zazzle!  Haven’t purchased that stack of holiday cards to send out yet?  Maybe you’ll find ’em here! Swirly Christmas Tree Cards by MooseEggArt See other Holiday Cards

  • Wrong Game Playing Cards

    Sometimes you just need dice.  These cards.  Thank you, Zazzle.  Thank you very much.

  • Wedding Cards

    In true obsessive form, I went a little overboard with the hand-lettering thing and flipped through my sketchbook for more inspiration for greeting cards.  I recently attended a cousin’s wedding and, without having purchased a card (because they were all horrible), I decided a pretty, fliffy-looking hand-lettered card would be better.  Being very unorganized that…