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In true obsessive form, I went a little overboard with the hand-lettering thing and flipped through my sketchbook for more inspiration for greeting cards.  I recently attended a cousin’s wedding and, without having purchased a card (because they were all horrible), I decided a pretty, fliffy-looking hand-lettered card would be better.  Being very unorganized that day (after a full day of travelling), I neglected to tape the card to the box.  Hopefully it will stay on under the ribbon via the magic of static electriciy.  At first I was at a loss because I could NOT think of a single thing that wasn’t “Happy Wedding!” or something just as profound.  I didn’t really come up with anything particularly profound; it actually was inspired by a quote from J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan.  “To die would be an awfully big adventure”.  Of course, dying is not really appropriate for a wedding card, so I came up with this:

Hand-lettering from my sketchbook
Hand-lettering from my sketchbook

Via the magic of PowerPoint and Paint it turned into these:

They are now available in the doomshop for you to give to your very favorite newlyweds!


Wedding Card - Forever Will Be A Grand Adventure
Wedding Card – Forever Will Be A Grand Adventure by doomthings


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  1. Erin Muessig Avatar
    Erin Muessig

    So I just purchased many things after discovering this blag. For an upcoming bridal shower, I bought a gazillion thank you notes, as a new bride will have many thank you’s to send out. I also love the wedding card and the all about you card. I’m hoping that other cards for different occasions will come out so I can buy those too!

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