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  • Say “I’m Sorry”

    Say something you regretted while you were hungry?  Apologize!  They’ll forgive you.  Doomshop!

  • I Cerealsly Heart You

    Love cereal?  Love someone?  Tell that someone how much you heart them using the power of cereal!!  Now available in the doomshop.

  • Today Is All About You

    More hand-lettering!  I know, I know, you’re saying “geeeez, obsessed much?”.  Why yes, yes I am.  You’ll see as I continue to post things that such obsessions will come in waves.  Right now, it is hand-lettering-turned-graphic-art using the magic computer-box.  This one I was going to use for that wedding card I  mentioned but it seemed…

  • Wedding Cards

    In true obsessive form, I went a little overboard with the hand-lettering thing and flipped through my sketchbook for more inspiration for greeting cards.  I recently attended a cousin’s wedding and, without having purchased a card (because they were all horrible), I decided a pretty, fliffy-looking hand-lettered card would be better.  Being very unorganized that…

  • Shop Doomthings

    The doomshop is officially open!  Occasionally I come across a neato doodle in my notebook or picture I’ve taken that someone has asked me to do, or that has caught a friends eye.  Those things are shared with you in the doomshop, where you can put them on things (via Zazzle) to your heart’s content! …