Chocolate Waffles

This doesn’t really seem like a huge shift to the right in terms of trying new things.  I know, I know, but who doesn’t like waffles and chocolate?  It just seems natural to mash them into a magical goo called breakfast.  Originally I attempted to follow this recipe I found on Pinterest, but it was way too complicated and I had waffle mix in my house.  Because of that laziness, and the fact that I didn’t use it, I haven’t reproduced the recipe here.

Also, I really didn’t like the idea of adding extreme amounts of high fructose corn syrup from store-bought chocolate syrup.

So, in the spirit of using what’s easily accessible in my house, being lazy, and really wanting waffles immediately, I grabbed a box of store-bought waffle mix, cocoa powder, sugar, (and the ingredients called for on the box) and made a mess.


  • Waffle mix (store bought or homemade) and associated wet ingredients.
  • Unsweetened chocolate cocoa powder (to taste).
  • Granulated sugar (half the amount of the cocoa powder).


  1. Combine waffle mix as per the box or recipe directions.
  2. Add cocoa powder by tablespoons to taste.  Mix well.
  3. Add sugar in half (or less) the amount of cocoa powder.  Mix well.
  4. Pre-heat the waffle iron and grease well.
  5. Spoon 1/3 cup batter into each mold, and cook until golden brown.

I ended up adding the cocoa powder until it “looked right”, and kept tasting it until it was adequately chocolatey.  For each scoop of cocoa powder, I added half that amount of sugar to sweeten the mixture up a bit.  I did notice that the more chocolate that was added, the more the waffle exhibited the “bitter” taste of unsweetened cocoa powder, despite the added sugar.  I didn’t mind though, too much sugar makes me crazy so I didn’t want to go overboard.  Because it’s just me and my husband, I seriously reduced the Bisquick recipe to make 4-5 waffle squares.

How were they? Delicious!  Also, they were husband approved, so this will definitely be made again.  As a side-note, it’s really hard to tell if these waffles were burned, although I have a sneaking suspicion that they were.  Despite that, they definitely did not taste burned.  +10 experience points.

[pictures will be posted as soon as I make this recipe again]






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