Guitar: Part 6

I have a crappy picture of the neck for you.  It’s been curing for a week so I wet sanded it with 1000 and 1200 grit wet/dry sandpaper which made it baby-butt smooth.  I didn’t expect that, especially because the internet says “you need at LEAST 2000 grit sandpaper”.  That’s crap.  I probably could have gone up to 1500, but 1200 is what I had and I’m impatient. 

Next came the buffing.  Honestly, I’ve never used buffing compound before, so I didn’t really expect that piano-black mirror finish everyone raves about.  I’m doing everything by hand (no power sanding/buffing) so I thought it would take forever.  One episode of Adventure Time, two of Futurama, and 2 layers of fine buffing compound (and seriously sore arms) later, I got that mirror finish.  It’s AWESOME.  My husband can attest to the fact that I seriously geeked out for about half a Futurama while I watched the neck turn shiney. 

Too bad my camera phone sucks compared to a real camera.  Here’s a sneak peak. 

Guitar: Part 6 | doomthings





2 responses to “Guitar: Part 6”

  1. Dawn Avatar

    It’s SO pretty! :) I love the color! :) …and that you buffed this by hand! :) DIY all the way! :D

    1. doomthings Avatar

      Thanks! Heck YES by hand! Prepare for the full effect after the weekend!!

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